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School Terms of Use

Before using this school reservation system, please be sure to read the following usage rules and handling of personal information.
If you have applied, you agree to the following regardless of whether it has been read or unread.

Terms of use

  • Our lessons have accident insurance.
    While we are taking emergency measures in accidents during the lesson, we are not responsible for anything else.
  • Refund due to customer’s convenience and, lesson change is not available.

Cancellation charge provision concerning the cancellation of a lesson due to customer’s circumstances
Reservation~3 days in advance 0%
2 days in advance 50%
1 days in advance 50%
On the day 100%

  • On the day, in case of cancellation lesson due to bad weather (we decide), cancellation or cancellation due to cancellation or cancellation of the lesson due to the running situation of the slope, or cancellation or cancellation due to the reason of the public transportation situation, the above fee will not be applied and will be refunded in full amount. * In case of cancellation due to customer’s convenience, we will deduct the transfer fee.
  • If you do not come by 15 minutes before the first day start time we will treat it as a lesson cancellation.
    Guests booking on the web should come to the school reception counter at least 15 minutes before the first day lesson start time.
  • In the case of lesson of more than one day, we will not refund fee for the difference even if you can not participate in all schedules for your convenience.
    About the snow school compensation system
    Insurance amount paid by this compensation system
    Insurance amount A type (upper limit)

About the snow school compensation system

Insurance amount paid by this compensation system
Insurance amount A course (upper limit)

※This school is subscribed to a course A in according to the “Ski School Student Compensation Insurance Special Contract” Concluded with the Japan Ski School Council.
※Insurance liability period is 1 day (during ski school training)

  • Student’s own injury 【Compensation A】
    Death aftereffects insurance ¥1,650,000
    Hospitalization insurance ¥2,400 per day
    Surgical insurance during hospitalization ¥24,000, Outpatient Surgical insurance ¥12,000
    Outpatient visit insurance ¥2,000 per day
    ※The limit is 90 days for outpatient visit, 180 days for hospitalization, and maximum 180 days inducing outpatient visit and hospitalization.
    ※The surgical fee can only be paid for the first time.
  • In case of harm to others【Compensation B】
    A student has been injured by someone accidentally while participating in a ski school course (except during a stay), or has destroyed someone else’s items (excluding items borrowed or deposited by others) If you are liable for legal damages, we will pay insurance. The scope of the insured person is the principal, the person’s parental authority, and other legally required supervisors.
    (Note) If the person himself /herself is not responsible, the person who supervises the person on behalf of the person responsible for supervision (the bloodline within the sixth degree of the person and the tribe within the third degree) is the insured person. (Note) Please note that insurance claims will not be paid if there is no legal liability for damages due to the accident situation.

    Personal liability risk insurance 1 accident ¥30,000,000 (exemption amount ¥0)

  • * Insurance premiums are included in the tuition fee.

The payment certificate (receipt, etc.) at the time of payment (payment) of the tuition will be the certificate of insurance, so please keep it carefully until the end of the lesson.

※ This compensation system is “ Injury risk compensation during event participation ” where the Japan Ski School Council is an insurance policyholder and the students of the Japan Ski School Council member ski school are insured (one who is eligible for compensation).
This is a comprehensive contract for the contract, Personal Compensation Risk Compensation Special Provisional Accident Insurance.
This guide is an overview. For details, we have prepared a “General Insurance Policy and Special Contracts”. Please contact your dealer or underwriting insurance company. If you have any questions, please contact the following.

[Distributor] ABC (Corporate name: La Tour)
215-0021, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Pref.
TEL 044-959-2040 Weekdays / 9: 00-16: 00 Fax 044-966-6345

[Underwriting insurance company] Aioi Nissay Dowa General Insurance Co., Ltd.
3-5-19 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0027
TEL 03-6734-9608 Weekdays / 9: 00-17: 00 Fax 03-6734-9609
(Approved in October 2019) A19-101179

Payment method

Credit card

In our web reservation system, card numbers etc. are encrypted and transmitted by SSL encrypted communication, so you can use it relatively safely.
Reservation will be confirmed after payment is confirmed.

About the handling of personal information


The school strives to protect personal information by strict observance of laws and other norms concerning the protection of personal information by all employees (including officers, temporary staff, part-time employees etc.).

Proper acquisition, use and provision of personal information

The school collects personal information in a proper manner and uses it within the range of purpose for which it is clearly specified beforehand.
In addition, we will not provide information to third parties except when your consent is satisfied or when you meet the requirements stipulated by laws and regulations.

Safety management

We pay close attention to the management of personal information and take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access, leakage, loss, falsification etc.
In addition, in order to improve the knowledge and awareness of employees by improving knowledge and awareness of employees, and outsource the handling of personal information, review the entrusted parties, conduct necessary and appropriate supervision I will.

Disclosure of personal information to third parties
If personal information held by our school is requested to disclose, correct, and suspend use of the personal data, we will endeavor to respond promptly at the following window.
If we decide not to comply with the request pursuant to the provisions of laws and regulations, we will explain the reasons.

Provide personal information
We will not provide your personal information to third parties.

Continuous improvement of initiatives
We will make efforts to continuously improve efforts on personal information protection. Therefore, this protection policy may be changed without notice.

Inquiries about personal information
To disclose / correct, add or delete your personal information, please contact the following person in charge yourself. We will respond only if you can check if it is by ourselves. Please also contact the person in charge below regarding inquiries about personal information request, inquiries and our privacy policy.

Notation concerning Specified Commercial Transactions Law

Operating organization

Name : Yakebitaiyama Snow School
Operation supervisor : head teacher Shingo Shitaka
Location : Yakebitaiyama Shigakogen Yamanouchi-machi Shimotakai-gun
Nagano 381-0497 Japan
Contact : school-info@yakebi.net
Terms and Conditions

●Required fee other than booking fee – Please bear the transfer fee by transfer.

●Expiration date of application
3 days before each lesson

●Payment method
Credit card

●Payment deadline
Please pay within 7 days after application and 3 days before lesson start date.
If you do not pay within 7 days from application or 3 days before the lesson begins, we will cancel.

●Cancellation conditions
Regarding cancellation of the lesson, we count the day before the lesson day as one day ago and we will handle it as follows

1 Cancellation up to 3 days in advance ⇒ We will refund the full amount.
2 Cancellation up to 2 days before the day before ⇒ 50% of the amount will be refunded.
3 Cancellation on the day of holding ⇒ We receive the full amount and we will not refund you.

Lesson The absence on that day will be canceled on the day.
Weather refund on the day of the lesson, cancellation due to natural disaster lands will be refunded in full as an exception.

※We will refund the amount after deducting the transfer fee accompanying refund.